Japanese community center.In CYACOMYU

3-26-6, Hiyoshi, Koga-shi, Fukuoka, 811-3106, Japan


With people from all over the world. Contact Japanese community center.

Everyone who wants to talk in japanese, come to CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ)!

What is CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ)?

 CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ) is a Japanese and an English community center.In CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ), Japanese people learn English and
Non-Japanese people learn Japanese. From kids to older people, we all learn together while having fun.

The teachers are Japanese teachers.The teacher is a teacher license holder.

Lesson contents

JLPT preparation  

beginners' classes for the first time to Japanese for work
We will respond to your inquiries.

Come to CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ)!

If you can identify with  the following you are perfect for CYACOMYU(ちゃこみゅ).
 You want to talk with japanese people in different ages.
 You came to Japan, but you haven't talked to japanese people that much.
 You want to use the skills that youv'e learned in your japanese course/school.
 You only spoke with the people of your language school.

Lesson The day of the week and hours

 The day of the week hours
Friday 15:45〜16:45
Saturday  10:00〜12:00
 If you want to join, please register by mail.

1 lesson 60 minutes 500 yen (tax included)


 It is located 5 minutes from JR Shisibu Station

Please see facebook

Tourists are also welcome!

The neighbor is a parking lot of the restaurant Joyful.
This is a picture of the entrance.Please enter from the entrance without pushing the intercom.

Let's talk a lot while drinking tea.